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EMCMCC develops measurement accessories like: AMNs, CDNs, current probes, workbench Faraday cage, etc. which are compliant with the applicable standards that can directly be used in pre- and full-compliance EMC test set-ups.

As former project leader of the IEC/EN 61000-4-6, all CDNs as defined in the standard are available on request.

    Typical CDNs are:
  • CDN M1, single mains line 6 Amp, 230 Vac
  • CDN M2/3, 2/3 lines, 6 Amp, 230 Vac
  • CDN M5, 5 lines, 25 Amp, 400 Vac
  • CDN AF2, 2 non-shielded signal lines
  • CDN AF4, 4 non-shielded signal lines
  • CDN AF25, 25 non-shielded signal lines, sub-D
  • CDN S1, 50 or 75 Ohm coaxial
  • CDN S2/3/4, multi-coaxial
  • CDN S9, shielded signal lines, sub-D
  • CDN S25, shielded signal lines, sub-D
  • EM-clamp, 22mm cable throughput window
  • Furthermore: USB2, Ethernet upto 10Gb

Customer specific network combination can be realized on request.